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Quick Guide

Quick Guide 150 150 dongan

Bitnordex Exchange Guide

How to sign up successfully

Nationality: users can choose their nationality in the drop-down list.

Username: Email address or phone number can be used. But the company email is not recommended, because the verification email maybe be blocked so that you may not get 6-digit verification code.

Password: the length should be 8 to 20 digits with at least 1 letter, and Cannot be pure numbers.

Invitation code: if you receive an invitation code to join Bitnordex through friends, you can fill the invitation code into the blank. If not, you don’t need to fill it.

Need to agree to the users agreement, otherwise you can not register

Enter the 6-digit verification code from your phone number or email address.

Then your phone will receive a SMS. If your email address is used as username, a relevant email will be sent.

How to log in successfully?

1. Fill in your username and the password, and click to [Log in]

Then the 6-digit code from your phone or email should be filled in.

If the password is forgot, how can you retrieve your password?

Clicking in [Log in], and choose [Forgot password].

Filling your account which may be your username( phone/email address), then click to [submit].

Note: Withdrawals and OTC transfers will be unavailable  for the next 24 hours once password  is changed.

Verifying all authenticators which are bound and opened in your account.( The screenshot below shows an account that has been setup with phone number as part of their account security. As such, the user is required to enter only one verification code from phone number)

After verifying all codes of authenticators which have been bound and opened in your account, you can fill your new password and confirm it. Finally click to [submit] and retrieve password.

The ID Verification

How to do it?

1. Please click to the logo of a person in the upper right side of the page—then click to [ID verification]

If you are an representative of a company,please click in [corporate verification]. But the corporate verification isn’t still opened now. Otherwise, please choose[individual verification]

[individual verification]

1. The nationality can be chosen by users. If China is chosen, the page will familiar with the following first picture. Otherwise, the page will similiar with the second picture.

2. ID Card is the only identity document which is allowed to used, if the China nationality is chosen. And your name and ID card number are needed to fill in. After submitting,  the system will review it automatically  and promptly, and you can see the result if you try to refresh the page.

3. Passport, ID card and driving license are three available identity documents for real-named verification of Non-mainland Chinese nationality. And the photo of the information page of the identity document is needed to submit except for your real name and identity number. After submitting, customer service will review it in the background within 24hours.


The assets are divided into three functional areas for storage and do not interfere with each other. If you need to put the assets of one zone into other zones, you need to use the option of [transfer].

[Estimated value(BTC)] : all coins should be calculated into amount of BTC which is rely on the market price of the coin/BTC(an exchange pair).

[Estimated total(USD)]: transfer the estimated value(BTC) to USDT with the market price of BTC/USDT. Due to 1USDT is equivalent with 1USD, thus the estimated total(USD) can be calculated.

[Valuation]: one specific coin should be  calculated with the market price of the coin/USDT(an exchange pair) directely.(Note:  if the tokens doesn’t have exchange pair with USDT, the one token / BTC will be chosen, then BTC will be convert to USDT by system. The calculation preference is one token/USDT>/BTC>/ETH>/HT>/HUSD)


It means that users can transfer their digital assets from other trading platform or other Bitnordex accounts to a specific Bitnordex account.

How to do it?

1. Click on “Balances” and choose “Exchange” and find the coin you want to deposit (for example, “BTC”). Then click on “Deposit”.

2. Then you will be able to check your BTC deposit address and give your BTC deposit address to the sender. Then the sender send BTC to this address.

Note: Before depositing, please read the relevant tips in the page carefully.

If necessary, you can check situation and process of the deposit in the Block chain through hash( take BTC block chain as example)


It means that users can transfer their digital assets from their account to another account or other platforms.

How to do it?

1. Click on “Balances” and choose the token you want to withdraw, then click on “Withdraw”.

2. Input the amount and withdrawal address in which you want your ETH to be withdrawn to—Click on “Withdraw”.

3. The security authentication screen will appear.You will need to enter all of the verification codes, for every Two-factor Authentication method that you have set up and opened on your account.

4. Once the withdrawal request has been submitted, the customer service will review the withdrawal application. You may check on the status of your withdrawal by clicking on “History” in the upper right side of the page.

Note: The status will be reflected as “Completed” once the withdrawal has been completed.

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